Genovasi University College offers full time courses in Film Making. The courses comprise of both certificate and diploma programmes. The certificate programme is of 6 month duration while our diploma programme is for 2 years.

The Filmmaking and Video Production Diploma programme offers an intensive, behind-the-scenes education across all areas of filmmaking. Students will experience every phase of pre-production, production and post production, writing and analysing screenplays, developing storyboards, creating shot lists and preparing budgets and schedules. They will learn to shoot, direct, block, light scenes and capture audio, as well as assemble, cut and edit footage. Taught by leading industry professionals with reputable track records and work experience, students will develop a wide variety of productions from documentaries to commercials, public service announcements, short films and music videos. The Diploma will offer students with the comprehensive creative, technical and business expertise to immerse and be successful in the film industry.

The certificate programme covers film production support services courses and is ideal to fulfil the manpower requirements of the film industry at crew level, while the diploma programme supports film professionals at all processes of the industry. The modules cover:

  • Screenwriting – all aspects of film writing including story structure, treatments, screenplay and writing for feature, documentaries and commercials.
  • Directing – the complete set of actions and responsibilities of film directors, from pre-production to post production, script analysis, visual concepts, camera and lighting, character development and working with the actors and the production team
  • Producing – covers the full range of responsibilities like assembling a team of talented people to ensure the completion of the production successfully, arranging funding and sponsorship and keeping production costs at estimated levels.
  • Post-production – includes film and sound production and editing, special effects, colour correction and editing, music and score, digital effects etc


Cross Collaboration

We provide a unique opportunity for cross-industry collaboration. Students have the opportunity to bring their productions to life, working with students across creative programmes including Writing and Acting for Film and TV . Through both on-campus and off-campus productions, students will be mentored by a number of cross-industry professionals.

Practical Hands On Education

From the very first term, students will be on-set, behind the camera, and inside editing stations and distribution meetings. Students will produce at least one film project per term and gain hands-on experience, working each position on-set, in a range of productions. Students will learn how to shoot in multiple styles with access to two film production studios and the latest cameras and professional gear.

Industry Professionals

Students will be mentored by a variety of award-winning and in-demand filmmakers. working directors, assistant directors, producers, production managers, cinematographers, camera operators, writers and distributors all of whom will bring invaluable industry practices and insights into the classroom.

Accelerated Learning

Through immersive coursework and experiential learning, 18 months is the right amount of time to develop the technical, creative and business expertise for launching your career in film.

Small Classes

In small classes with one-on-one instruction and mentoring, you’ll have the greatest opportunity to reach your full potential. You’ll also build invaluable relationships with classmates and professional networks with peers across creative programs.

Entry Requirements

Diploma in Film and Video Production – pass in SPM with  at least 3 credits

Certificate in Film and Video Production – pass in SPM


Diploma in Film and Video Production  (2 years)               –  RM 27,000

Certificate in Film and Video Production (6 months)          –  RM   6,000